Equipment Use and Care Instructions

Welcome to Sheridan Biddy League Football. We are very proud to provide some of the best, newest and safest equipment to our players while maintaining player fees well below average for similar organizations. Please help us maintain the quality and performance of the equipment provided to you by following and reviewing these guidelines with your child:

All players must use the SBLF supplied mouthpiece and it is to remain attached to the helmet. Mouthpieces without a helmet strap or with detachable helmet straps are NOT permitted. League rules require referees to be able to visually confirm from a distance that a player is using a mouthpiece. In addition to a safety issue, a player not wearing a proper mouthpiece can result in a penalty for the team.

Helmets are not to be altered in any way. DO NOT put tape, decals or stickers of any kind on the helmet unless provided by SBLF. Helmets should not be sat upon, thrown or abused in any way. Visors are not permitted.

Game Jerseys:
Game jerseys are to be worn for games ONLY, never for practice. Game jerseys should be washed inside out and hung to dry or dried on low heat. If lettering begins to come off of the jersey it can often be repaired by ironing with a damp towel over the area.

Game Pants:
Game pants are to be worn during games ONLY, never for practice.

For any questions or special needs please see your head coach.